Can I use my military discount on Julyber Monday?

First off, thanks for being a bada$$ and for serving our country.

Our site allows for one promo code per order, so if you'd rather have a Julyber gift, go ahead and choose your gift and checkout without entering your military discount code. If you'd prefer to use your military discount instead, that's totally cool with us, but just be aware it will replace the gift on your order. That military discount will be available all year, but Julyber Monday only comes once in a blue moon so we'd recommend snagging one of those dope gifts. If you let us know after you place an order that you'd like to use that military discount as well, we can honor your military discount by refunding 10% on the order retroactively. Just send us a message with your name, order number, and military discount code to and we'll get you taken care of. 

Thanks again for your service and for keeping America awesome.

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