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What does "pre-sale will ship by" mean?

If you see this above a product's main image, this means that the item is not quite ready to ship yet, and will not ship with the typical timeline of in-stock items. We're still working on putting the final touches on it, and it will ship when it's ready. The date listed is the last possible date that they will ship, but sometimes items can ship before the date as well. It is usually best to assume the latest possible date and not expect the item to arrive until 6-8 business days after the listed date.


Can I Order a Pre-Sale Item with Faster Shipping?

Absolutely, but still know that it will most likely not ship until the date listed. At that point, it will go out with the selected expedited shipping option. However, if you place an order with a non-presale item in it as well, the expedited shipping will be applied to the item that's going out soonest, and the pre-sale item will get regular shipping.


If I Order a Pre-sale Item with a Non-Presale Item, Will I Have to Wait to Get Both?

Nope, as soon as any item is ready, it will ship out, and therefore the Non-Presale item will go out right away. Be aware that if you select a faster shipping option on your order, it will ONLY be applied to the item that ships out first, and not any later items.

Always be on the lookout for "Pre-Sale Will Ship by" on any products. If you need to change something about your Pre-Sale order or items, hit us up and we can help out all the way until the shipping date.



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