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We pride ourselves in delivering the best weekend goods in the world. As we’ve grown our business, we’ve challenged ourselves with finding the world's premiere authorities on fabric, fit and manufacturing. All our products are designed by our team in San Francisco, CA. We’ve spent the last five years developing our domestic supply chain and have recently opened a Chubbies-owned sewing facility in South San Francisco, California. As a result, many of our products are produced right here in the United States.


Our research has also shown us each country has something new or unique to offer. Since we always want to learn from the best, we have personally visited expert facilities around the world in Mexico, Morocco, Vietnam, Cambodia and China that have taught us ways to improve our product and supply chain. Our promise is that when working with partners abroad, we hold those vendors to the same high standards as our partners here in the USA.


You can find all of our American Made products right here:


Additionally, you can check out even more details about our manufacturing right here:

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